Friday, 11 January 2013

Molly Drake

How Wild The Wind Blows

Not sure what to make of this but I do know it is very beautiful, so that should be enough. A few years ago, the fascinating film documentary, A Skin Too Few, revealed how Nick Drake's mum was a songwriter herself and seemed to indicate that her music may well have had a big influence on Nick's. Nick's dad was bit of an early 'gadget man' who made a large number of home recordings of Molly Drake's compositions which have now been released, I think in limited form, on a an eponymous CD, housed in a nice case along with some of her poems.

Molly Drake

The recording quality is obviously a bit dodgy but it may very well cast some new light on Nick Drake's own artistic development. I think the tunes were mostly recorded in the 1950's, at their home in Tanworth-In-Arden and for, all Drake fans, will make interesting listening. His mum seemed like quite a gal.


The Swede said...

Brief, elusive and beautiful, a phrase that can equally be used to describe several of her son's songs. I've heard a couple of snippets from Molly's songs on Nick Drake bootlegs in the past, but this is, I think, the first time I've seen the photo you've used for your post. Gabrielle's resemblance to her Mother is uncanny.

Singing Bear said...

There is certainly a strong influence shining through from Molly to Nick. She was a striking woman, wasn't she?

Old Pa's Corner said...

Interesting one..she is cute but so was ND