Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rory Gallagher

Cradle Rock (1974)

Feeling in hyper-nostalgic mode today, wishing I could be transported back to being that 14 year old kid who was discovering music at a rate of knots and everything was up for grabs. Thus, I bring you the wonderful Rory Gallagher with 'Cradle Rock', recorded on his '74 Irish Tour, which spawned an excellent film and accompanying live album - one of the finest of the era. Rory was a blues-rocker, with a heart for traditional music as well,  who played directly from the soul with no frills, no nonsense. Certainly one of my favourite players of all time. I have nothing but love for the man. Next up, Rory from the same tour, playing 'Tattoo'd Lady'.

Tattoo'd Lady (1974)

Rory Gallagher: much missed and one of the greats.


Old Pa's Corner said...

Great video, yes one of the greats indeed!

Singing Bear said...

They don't make 'em like that anymore.