Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Service: Willie Nelson

In 1971, the incomparable Willie Nelson released a concept album titled Yesterday's Wine, telling the story of the life of 'the imperfect man'. Criminally not readily available these days, this is a record that deserves wider attention. Have a hopeful Sunday.

In God's Eyes (1971)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Youth Club Disco: The Sensation

"Steady at the back there! Come on, boys, calm down a bit; there's room for all, so don't push. Oi! You two! Get down from that window! I told you last week and mind your language! Girls to the front. We've got a treat for you tonight: a real pop group. Yeah, The Sensation. No, I've never 'eard of 'em either. Bring back yer cola bottles, there's a penny on returns."

Black Eyed Woman (1973)

Meanwhile, a gang of bigger kids have come up from the park and are waiting outside on this cold autumn night, dressed for trouble - all Ben Sherman's and brogues.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Tyrannosaurus Rex
'Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)' (1969)*

*early demo is probably from 1968

Jimmy Murphy
'Granpaw's a Cat' (1956)

The Cramps
'Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?' (1985)

Monday, 13 October 2014


Robert Johnson
'Hellhound On My Trail' (1937)

Babe Ruth
'Black Dog' (1972) (Jesse Winchester)

Nick Drake
'Black Eyed Dog' (1974)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

New David Bowie Tune: Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)

Find it on the imminent compilation, Nothing Has Changed. 

Bloody tremendous!

(Sorry about G. Garvey)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

In My Secret Life

On most Friday evenings I just happen to get two or three hours all to my self, having left Mrs. B. and the cubs up at Mrs. B's mum's until around 10pm. We always go up there for tea on a Friday but I have to come back to take The Hound out for her last walk of the day (a simple affair to merely ensure she does her business), so I've got into a little self-indulgent routine. Here's last night's highlights.

Get The Hound sorted.

Run a bath. I'm more often than not a shower person but on Friday evenings I've taken to the tub for an end of the day freshen up. Ablutions completed and re-clothed (you'll be pleased to know), it's off to the stereo to crank up anything I bloody well want to. Must apologise to the neighbours but they haven't yet complained. To be honest, it isn't necessarily going to be that noisy. Tonight begins with most of Vic Chesnutt's fine 1995 album, Is The Actor Happy? 

It's a real pleasure to hear the late Vic again after quite a while skipping over him in the Bear playlists.

Next up it's a spin for Neneh Cherry's album with Norwegian/Swedish jazz combo The Thing, The Cherry Thing (2012). This record is the definition of 'a blast' and The Hound makes her excuses and leaves for the kitchen.

Here they are covering The Stooges.

Finally, just before I have to go and fetch the clan, it's a few tunes from the fabulous early big band jazz-rock outfit, CCS (Collective Consciousness Society)

Brother (1972)

Well, that's 'my secret life' for this week. Pretty dull, I know, but simple things please simple minds.